Monday, September 30, 2013

Cooking Lesson

Here is another cooking lesson with Vanessa! Unfortunately, Vanessa left for another job on September 15th. It's been quite different without my neighbor and friend. She's greatly missed! However, there is a search for a new Vanessa, even though she can't be replaced. Hopefully, another twenty-something will be moving in within the next couple of weeks and I'll have a new neighbor and friend.

In this lesson, Vanessa taught me how to make Pork Adobo, a simple but delicious dish. You can also do Chicken Adobo but she advised pork is better. And you can add potatoes to the dish, if you so desire.

As with any good cook, there are not specific ingredient amounts. You just go with what you feel and what you think will taste the best. Although, I hope the video gives a little more direction.

In full discretion, I attempted to make this the other night. I did exactly as Vanessa did in the video, however I ended up burning half the dish. I'm not sure exactly what went wrong; the type of pan, the temperature of the hot plate, not having the Filipino touch. But as some of my coworkers said, "you'll just have to try again." And that I will!

Thanks for reading!

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