Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BE in the Philippines - On the Farm

"Go ahead, take a whiff," encouraged Erwin Alawas referring to smelling the fermenting organic fertilizer. 

{It actually smelled a little like bourbon - not bad}

One of the main reasons we were scheduled to visit the Tadian Training Center and Demonstration Farm was to see Andrew and the work of another YASCer. Unfortunately, Andrew got called away to the United States at the last minute. However, we still stopped by the farm, about an hour drive from Sagada, to check out his placement. His partner-in-crime, Erwin Alawas, was a wonderful host and guide.

Vision: The Tadian Natural Farming Enterprise aims to be a leaser in innovation and a champion of the environment, and a repsonsible partner and guide in the improvement of the health, wealth, and livelihood of the people of the Philippines.

They spruced up the farm and made additions since the last time I was there in December. It looked great with labels detailing their organic farming and natural production information and procedures. They added a new pig pen with more pigs. The warehouse and classroom is ready for instruction!

Besides touring and learning about the farm, it was a pretty relaxing late afternoon and evening. I think Buck and Emily were starting to feel their jet lag. We'd also been on the road for 15 hours in 4 days. A long day in the car awaited us the next day. We needed to relax and take in the gorgeous views Tadian provides.

{Can't get a morning more gorgeous than that}

The next morning, Monday morning, we got an early start for a long day. We were off to Manila with a stop in Baguio for lunch with Margaret.

The road trip continues!

Thanks for reading!
Photos by Emily Cherry

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