Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Little Things

I have many little moments to share this week, but I will keep it to five. However one of my favorite moments from this past week, I was unable to capture on camera.

This past Sunday, I needed to go grocery shopping. Vanessa accompanied me and I took my first tricycle ride! Tricycles are motorcycles with a side cart attached. When I first saw them, I was thinking that they could fit maybe two people in the side cart. Then Jocelyn said, “Oh no, you can fit up to five people in those things. And when the school kids take them, they’ll pile in 8 or 9.” I was like, “Is this a circus show? How can 5 people fit in that clown car?” But two sit on the back seat of the cart, one sits sideways. Then two others can fit behind the driver on the motorcycle. The one we took into town fit Vanessa and I comfortably. However the one we took back from town, it was cramped. Vanessa ended up sitting sideways. The best part was we were trying to beat the storm back but it started pouring, of course, on the ride back! There’s no doors on these things so the rain started coming in and drenching us. Fortunately, Vanessa had an umbrella so she opened it to block the tiny doorway of the sidecar. We rode like that for about 15 minutes until we finally made it back! The whole event was quite comical.

{A lifesaver! So happy that I do not have to wash my clothes by hand.}

{A beautiful stained glass of St. Peter stands among an under construction church.}

{Quiet mornings filled with coffee and reflection.}

{The cutest little boys decided it was play time on the altar during the sermon on Sunday.}

{My first postcards from the Philippines to add to my vast collection!}

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