Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! Or should I say, TGIF?

While I love sharing my new adventures, perspectives and lessons learned, I'm not the only one experiencing YASC. There are 27 other young adults, my friends, who are learning new lessons, finding fresh perspectives and being challenged in different cultures. I wanted to start a series where every Friday I share with you some of their recent posts. I think it will paint a clearer picture to how YASC impacts young adults and what the program is all about.

Read on and enjoy!

Alan is getting his hands literally dirty in Haiti this week.

Will P. answers some hard questions asked by Cubans and reflects beautifully about equality.

Find out exactly where Emily is located.

What do people do for fun on the weekends in Haiti? Julie explains.

Maurice shares the rewards of teaching.

Heidi witnessed the coolest street kids perform in Tanzania.

Claire speaks to how the Episcopal Church is universal, but unique.

Will B. is finding Hong Kong to be home.

Thanks for reading!

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