Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Missing these lovely ladies like crazy!

FOMO. Or the Fear of Missing Out.

I’ve never been one to fall victim to FOMO. I usually chose which activities I wanted to do in college or with my friends and didn’t regret it later. Now, sometimes I would cave in to doing something because I was worried I was going to miss something epic. Most of the time, I didn’t. It made me realize that I need to do what makes me happy and not worry about missing out on something else.

I had my first test yesterday. Pictures of my friends from the weekend were posted on Facebook. They all got together and it turned into a mini, Mary Wash reunion. It was hard for me to look at the photos and not miss them. And not think about what I missed out on by being here. I thought, they’re not supposed to have fun without me. It’s a ridiculous thought because of course their lives will go on while I’m away.

However, a part of me wondered, what am I doing here, while they are all there? I think everyone is entitled to their doubts. Fortunately, a quick reminder from a friend made me realize that this is an exciting, brave adventure – a once in a lifetime experience. And as a mentor once advised that in those low moments to say to myself,

“I’m in the freakin’ Philippines for a year!”

I know many events will happen while I’m away, family gatherings, holidays, friends hanging out. But then I think about what I’d be doing at home. I wouldn’t be doing a job as exciting, rewarding or adventurous as this one (don’t take that personally DOV). Looking back on the time I’ve been here, which is less than a month, I’ve already seen a piece of the great beauty of the Philippines, helped people secure small loans for their businesses, met amazing people, and learned much about myself.

I wouldn’t take back any of those moments. After a year, I will be back in the states hanging out with friends, going to weddings, celebrating family milestones. 20 years from now this year will be a blip in my life, but a life-changing one. I don’t doubt that this will not be the only time I feel a tiny bit of FOMO.

Dwelling on those moments won’t make them not happen. Life will still go on at home without me. The important part is to focus on living life here! While I miss everyone, I need to be present in my mission and simply live life.

On the flip side, the exciting part of Facebook is in some ways I feel like I’m not missing out because I get to see pictures and receive messages from my friends and family. I also get to share this amazing journey with each and every single one of you!

So you know what, FOMO? I’m in the freakin’ Philippines for a year!

Thanks for reading!

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