Thursday, September 5, 2013

Language Lessons

As part of my time here, I have to learn Ilocano or Ilokano. It's the main language of the region I'm in. Everyone in the office speaks great English, but Ilocano is their first language so they're constantly reverting back to it. Of course, I understand why but it's hard not knowing a single word of what people are saying around you. Since arriving only a week ago in Santiago, my Ilocano has a long way to go but here are some quick phrases I've learned so far:

Ween (when) // Yes

Anya ti naganmo? (an-ya tee nah-gahn-moe) // What is your name?

Ti naganko Ashley. (tee nah-gahn-co) // My name is Ashley.

Taga Virginia, USA // I am from Virginia, USA.

Kumusta! (Como esta) // Hi, how are you? or How's it going?

Nasayaat (nah-saw-yacht) // I'm good. or Doing well.

After reading those if you feel confused or overwhelmed then you know how I'm feeling. This language is like nothing I've heard before. But I'm working on it day by day. I know it will eventually come especially if I'm here for a year.

Thanks for reading!

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