Monday, September 23, 2013

One Month, Already?

Today marks one month since I arrived in the Philippines!

There is a quote that has inspired me to persevere throughout this process, “Change doesn’t mean failure. It means bravery.”  People kept telling me that being a missionary with YASC was a brave adventure. I simply thought of it as a next step, accomplishing a life-long dream. After a month, I’ve realized it does take strength and bravery to move halfway across the globe, alone.

However, that strength and bravery is drawn upon by the support I’ve received from family, friends, the Diocese of Virginia, its parishes and congregation members. In the moments of isolation and loneliness, I remember the words of encouragement everyone shared before I left. I remember all the prayers being spoken for me. They put wind in my sails to continue on this transformative adventure.

I wouldn’t be here without you all and so I want to share this journey in any way possible. I hope you enjoy the first of my monthly newsletters!

Read it here!

Thanks for reading!

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