Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend Reading

Happy Chinese New Year!

It was one of those busy weeks where Thursday felt like Friday only to find out that you still had one more workday to get through. Although, I can't complain because I only had a four day week. On Thursday, yesterday, I celebrated Isabela Day (the day for the province) by attending the Bumbanti Festival in Ilagan with Sir Patrick, Sandra, and Sir Junior. It was great fun and I can't wait to share all about it next week on the blog!

Also, it's the year of the Horse! I'm a horse, which I thought meant for a lucky year but after reading my horoscope, we shall see. In addition, schools and banks were closed today for the holiday. We tried to convince the Diocese and Foundation to close their offices as well but the Bishop's response was, "are you Chinese?" Touché.

Follow the links below to learn more about what other YASCers are up to!

Will P. shares a Cuban baptism.

Hannah witnessed on a trip to Honduras how unity, love, and endurance can withstand in a world full of violence.

Heidi saw another side of the education system in Tanzania.

Nina says 'goodbye' to Brazil but only for a couple of months then she'll return to continue her ministry.

Paul M. Spellings continues his meditations on false walls. This week he focuses on the divide of culture.

Jared heard the Pope speak on the topic of Christian Unity during Christian Unity week and reflects upon the topic.

Charlotte breaks down exactly where she is and how she's adjusting to life in Japan.

Katie illustrates another event she attended through the Hong Kong Archives Society -- a tour of LegCo's Council Block.

Margaret remarks on a current theme in her life - the importance of storytelling.

Another wonderful news report from Episcopal News Service on a YASCer, this time it features Sara Lowery working with Mission for Migrant Workers. Watch here!

Thanks for reading!

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