Thursday, January 30, 2014

Birthday Celebration

 This post is more of a photo journal of recent fun times! Friday, January 17 the staff came together to celebrate it’s January birthdays – Sir Patrick (January 3), Grace (January 18), and Ma’am Andrea (January 23). I am happy to say I orchestrated the whole event from planning to execution. There was delicious food – fried chicken, pancit, pork bbq - the boys even cooked aso (dog), which I refused to try. There were great drinks – beer and margaritas – and of course, videoke. There was supposed to also be a bonfire but it got rained out. Actually, I was worried it was all going to fall apart because Ma’am Andrea specifically requested margaritas and my hunt for margarita was falling short until the day of the party. And finding a videoke machine to rent was becoming an impossible task. But Sir Junior pulled through at the last minute!

I was ecstatic it all came together because I just love celebrating people’s birthdays and having fun get-togethers as a staff!

Local Seminarian, Arnold, barbecuing. 

The dog meat.

Margarita Bar! 

Me with the Birthday Girl, Grace!
Me with the other Birthday Girl, Ma'am Andrea!
Grace, Maritess, Jocelyn & Joyce.


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