Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Santa Hats & Candy Overload

Candy wrappers scattered across the ground. Excited children running and screaming round in circles. Santa hats discarded all over. It can only mean one thing…. Preschool Christmas Party!

On Monday, December 16, I attended the St. Mark’s Preschool Christmas Party. It was great fun but nothing short of chaos! The party started with presents being piled up by a borrowed Christmas tree and Santa hats being passed out to every child.

After all the children arrived with a parent or two in tow, each class, Kinder 2, Kinder 1, and Nursery, presented a little song. As with most children this age, that means the teacher was the loudest singer as she tried to guide her students to remember the motions and words. While all the kids tried to follow the kid next to them, it was nothing short of the cutest thing ever!

Ladies in Pink

Next, began the games! First up was musical chairs – self-explanatory. Although, it was hilarious to watch some of the kids try to bend the rules. Then were the sack races! While it was the funniest thing to watch, I kept thinking to myself how this would never fly in an American classroom. Children hopping in dirty, used rice sacks on hard cement floor and falling all over the place. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. But here an issue of liability doesn’t even cross their mind! They’re just having fun living life.

We still had time to kill before lunch was served so the teachers started throwing candy all over the place to keep the kids preoccupied. The place was a mess! Kids scrambled to grab anything and everything they could! However, my headache did not thank whoever but whistle candy which produced the highest, loudest pitch screech that echoed throughout the building. I wanted to break every single one in half.

The party wrapped up after presents were passed out after lunch. By then I was ready for a nap! I don’t know how teachers keep their energy engines burning throughout the day, seven days a week. Four hours once a week is enough for me! But I can’t deny how much joy these little guys bring me. They’re just too cute and ALWAYS make me laugh!

The kids returned to school on January 6th. Due to my trip to Manila last week, I didn’t see them last week. I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow for my weekly volunteering stint in the classroom!

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  1. Great pictures of some very cute children. You captured their emotions so well.