Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Little Things

Not to rub it in everyone's faces back home but this past weekend was glorious! We've been having no humidity, sunny, 75 degree weather. But it's supposed to start warming up.

I found a talipapa not too far from my house. It's a little roadside stall that sells chicken, live tilapia, fresh vegetables and some odds and ends. I enjoy getting a good walk in and buying fresh food. Also, it's better than taking a 20 minute tricycle ride into the busy market center.

We had our staff meeting this past Monday and I learned it's going to be a very busy February with conferences and conventions one after the other. We have our big annual Diocesan Convention from February 25-28. Lots of preparation to be done!

{Moving into this place hopefully next week!}

{Couldn't help myself. It was such a steal at $20}

{Program staff having an afternoon meeting outside}

{Evidence of the glorious weekend}

{Saturday Play Date with Andrea's puppy, Carrie}

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