Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Callao Cave

The Friday after Christmas, December 27, I traveled with Vhanessa, Joyce, Sir Junior and his wife, Annabel to Callao Cave. I’m sure you’re thinking, “another cave?!” but this wasn’t like Sagada. No swimming, sliding, or repelling involved. Think more Luray Caverns style, except not underground.

Sidenote: this post is going to be picture heavy since I think they do the cave better justice than my words describing it.

We started out early as it took four hours driving to arrive at our destination. Upon arriving we read that no food or drinks are allowed inside. So we enjoyed our snacks at picnic table before our small trek. After mandatory pictures with the sign, paying the entrance fee, and receiving our ‘voluntary’ guide, we were on our way.

To enter the cave, you must first climb 184 steps. At the top, you are swallowed by the large entrance to the seven chambered Callao Cave. The first chamber houses a little chapel with pews and a simple altar. A sinkhole high above illuminates the altar with a little help from some artificial light.

Climbing the 184 steps

At the entrance of the cave

The first chamber and where the chapel is located.

Looking back towards the entrance

Water drips in from the sinkholes so it can get a little slippery in areas but again nothing like caving in Sagada. I got to stay upright for this tour. Our guide led us through the rest of the seven chambers, some illuminated by more sinkholes, others completely dark.

The 3 Kings.

It was fun to hear what the guides have named some of the rock formations over the years. I find there is an unconventional, dark beauty about caves. They evoke stillness, reflectiveness and a sense of quiet within me.

Looking out over Cagayan Valley

After about forty-five minutes, we climbed back into the car and headed home. While it was a long day, I’m glad I got to see another natural wonder of the world. And since Vhanessa left the Diocese I haven’t seen her much, so I greatly enjoyed catching up with her! And who wants to spend their whole two-week vacation on a small compound day in and day out?

Thanks for reading!

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