Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little Things

Last week, Peter Ng, Global Partnership Officer for Asia and Pacific Anglican Relations, quickly visited Manila to check in with leaders of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and us YASCers who are volunteering here. Margaret, Andrew, and I traveled down to meet him.

While our meeting wasn't until Thursday, Fr. Clarence of EDS was traveling down on Tuesday for a meeting on Wednesday. I chose to ride in a personal car instead of taking the bus. Along the way we visited one of communities supported by the Development Office, Galintuja. I always cherish opportunities to see more parts of the Philippines.

I wasn't part of any of the meetings on Wednesday, so I just hung around. Curiosity got the best of me, I started job searching for the Fall. Not only did I feel completely overwhelmed but also gave myself a headache. I need to start small and take baby steps!

Thursday was our day with Peter Ng. We met with some staff of ECP and Peter, went out to lunch at a delicious buffet place, Dad's. Then it was time for YASCers to meet one on one with Peter for our check-in. Later, we went to dinner and celebrated Margaret's 28th birthday!

On Friday, I took an 11 hour bus ride back to Santiago. Talk about exhausting!

{Viewpoint over Pantabagan Dam on the way to Galintuja}

{Frog legs, anyone? Ribbit. Ribbit.}

{Tangy, Refreshing Green Mango Smoothie}

{There's always room for dessert}

{Group Shot! Me, Peter, Margaret, and Andrew}

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