Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekend Reading


I don't know about you all but I've had a crazy, busy week! We've been catching up after the long, holiday weekend and preparing for visitors next week. The staff was supposed to plant trees tomorrow as part of a development project but it seems as though one last Typhoon is going to hit the Philippines. Hopefully, it is the last for the season!

Hope you enjoy the following posts!

Becky answers frequently asked questions about her YASC life in Honduras.

Claire's love for all things medicine has her volunteering in a HIV/AIDS medical clinic.

Heidi doesn't shy away from sharing the harsh realities of street children in Tanzania, but also how one program works to better their lives.

Joseph is having his perspective changed in Panama.

Julie relates shoe shopping to life in Haiti. She has a good point.

Alan was exposed to another side of Haitian culture, Vodou celebrations.

Ashley B. begins another year in Haiti but in a new place and with a new mission.

Keri goes through a "typical" day in Hawston.

Carlin reflects on how borders shape all aspects of our life and interactions with others.

Thanks for reading!

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