Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekend Reading

Happy Black Friday! 

My trip to Hong Kong currently feels like a dream. Did I really travel to mainland Asia last week and see amazing friends?

I've gotten back into the swing of things in Santiago. It's like I never left. Today, Friday, through Monday I'm off to Sagada! My co-worker is taking me with her as she has meeting up there. It's one place in the Northern Philippines I've been looking forward to visiting. Can't wait to see some hanging coffins and Echo Valley! Also, we'll be stopping in Tadian to see Andrew, another YASCer, and his farm.

Check out what other YASCers have been up to lately!

Sean describes a typical day at ARI in Japan.

Margaret prepares for teaching a class at Easter College.

Julie learned the importance of simple being present in Haiti.

Rachel celebrated a traditional parade of the Panama culture.

Heidi experienced a Tanzanian wedding!

Carlin's visit to the DMZ in South Korea led her to some self-reflection.

Becky has come to value her time in the dark.

Thanks for reading!

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