Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekend Reading

Happy All Souls Day!

Today is an important family holiday to Filipinos. They spend the day cleaning their dead family's graves, sharing fellowship with one another and blessing their loved ones who passed.

I continue to be inspired, amazed, and entertained by my fellow YASCers' posts! I hope you are too, and follow the links to read only a snapshot of the adventures we are all on.

Happy Weekend Reading!

After a couple of weeks, Jared is settling into a new "normal."

Hannah is learning her work is not about being a superhero and sweeping in to save the day.

Katie was shocked, overwhelmed, and humbled by the opportunity to meet this man.

Rachel is taking a break from the YASC world to celebrate her sister's wedding in Amsterdam.

A hike through the Haitian countryside provided Alan with a much needed spiritual cleansing.

Julie gives a lesson about Haitian Creole.

Carlin has found a wonderful, spiritual community who taught her about belonging, bonding, behaving and believing.

Will P. shares how it is important to form relationships and community first and the church stuff will follow.

Alan shares poignant passages from a recent read on Haiti.

Thanks for reading!

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