Monday, November 25, 2013

Third Month's the Charm

October took forever to get through. Now all of sudden it is almost December! It’s hard to believe that I’m a quarter of the way through my YASC year! The third month was hands down the best month so far.

Something during this third month “clicked.” For a while I always had this inkling that I’d be going home soon, maybe the following week or two weeks or month. Now, I finally feel like I’m here to stay. I feel as though I’m a part of the team, an actual needed member. And when the Kenyans were here visiting I didn’t feel as an outsider. I became one of the guides.

It’s an amazing feeling! I’ve jumped this imaginary hurdle. A hurdle I didn’t even know I was going to come across. But now that I’ve pushed past it, I’ve hit a major milestone in my YASC year. One that makes me realize that I can actually make it through the whole year and it’s going to be incredible!

Of course, I couldn't do it without your continuous support and prayers! Thank you!

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