Monday, October 7, 2013

What kind of work do YASCers do?

Today, I'm sharing another wonderful video done by the Episcopal Church. Again, it features YASCers from last year, Holly Milburn, Cameron Spoor, Stephen Smith, Andrew Joyce, and Grace Flint who were located in South Africa, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.

The video gives a wonderful overview of the various types of work YASCers are doing all over the world. With this year having a larger group, the type of work has grown to include healthcare, economic development and more. You can check out what each individual is doing on my fellow YASCers page.

While we all have job descriptions, I think we are quickly learning that they don't even begin to cover our day to day work. For me while I work at the Foundation of St. Mark's, I am also rotating to different offices of the Diocese throughout the year to help out in whatever way possible. As Holly says in the video, "I do whatever is needed." And I try to convey the same attitude.

However, the quote that stuck with me those most in the video was Holly's,

"The one's doing the work here are the one's who care most and the one's who give all of themselves when needed." 

That could not describe the people I work with any better. They are the most caring, passionate, hard working, intelligent individuals striving to give all of themselves to do the best work for the diocese and the Episcopal Church in the Philippines. They make coming to work every day enjoyable!

I wouldn't say there is a typical day at the office for me. It is similar to what Grace talks about in the video. I could walk in the door and there be five clients waiting. Or the day could be slow with no clients and filled with filing paperwork. I could, also, be out helping with inspections of applicants or checking in on current clients. I'm never sure what will unfold when I go to work every morning. I like that it keeps me on my toes and hasn't become a mundane office job!

Enjoy the video!

Thanks for reading!

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