Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend Reading

Happy Friday!

Now that it's October, I know Fall, my favorite season, is in full swing back home. As it still feels like the hottest part of summer here, I'm beginning to miss cooler weather, the leaves changing colors, wearing layers, apple cider and all the fun, Fall activities!

The beginning of the week was full of fun activities, going out to dinner and videoke. Now it's already Friday and another weekend. How time flies! Nothing planned at the moment, but something may come up. If not, I'll be happy to read and do mundane tasks such as laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and finds time to read these wonderful blog posts!

Julie spent the weekend away from Port-au-Prince and found a goat on her bus on the way back.

Heidi shares a special and important "God Moment."

Katie experienced the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong.

Jared, a YASCer from last year, is off to Rome to start a new placement for a second year of YASC.

Keri participated in "Ethics Olympics" as part of her job training.

Margaret has become a judge for some activities in the intramurals at Easter College.

Emily is not only learning the local language, but also British English in South Africa.

Becky has been celebrating many holidays in Honduras.

Thanks for reading!

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