Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little Things

Made it back in time to join in on the fun, birthday celebrations on Friday night after an exhausting 9 hour drive! I'm greatly appreciative that I only have to work two and half days this week. Due to elections yesterday, All Souls' Day on Friday, and closing the office early on Thursday, everyone in the office is looking forward to the short vacation.

One thing not pictured from recent little moments is Andrew Joyce, the YASCer continuing his placement here in the Philippines for another year, made it back from his month-long recharge in the states. Some were worried he wasn't actually going to make it back. I happened to in Manila when he arrived and got breakfast with him and Floyd on Friday morning before heading back to Santiago. It's good to have another YASCer and American on the island, again.

Cheers to the little things!

{Mornings spent at Starbucks in Manila}

{Magic cleaning fairies showing up and leaving my apartment spotless}

{Fresh pedicure for only $1.14}

{Another fun birthday celebration with Videoke}

{Children's Month Celebration at Holy Spirit Episcopal Church}

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