Thursday, October 3, 2013


Before I left for the Philippines, I was told that I would fit in wonderfully with my love for karaoke. After being here for over a month, I still hadn’t experienced karaoke or they call it “videoke” in the Philippines. I was always told, “next time. Next time.”

Well next time was finally this past Tuesday night! It was the birthday of Sandra, the EDS Finance Officer. We were going to celebrate on Friday night but since we had visitors from the National Office and EDNP (Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines), the celebration was moved up. A videoke machine was rented and delicious food including pork bbq and pancit, was cooked!

The Birthday Girl, Sandra, singing.

Fr. Clarence

The most intimidating factor of videoke in the Philippines is the machine gives you a score out of 100 after you sing. Most people score anywhere between 93-99. While it is all just for fun, everyone strives for a 100! My love for karaoke was solidified by getting a 100 on not just one song but three! There were a total of 4 of us including Ata Joyce, Jordan and Jocelyn who received 100s.

Penny & I
Becky, Joyce, Penny, Jocelyn, Sandra & I

The night was filled with laughter, dancing, and good and bad singing! After about 6 hours, we called it a night since it was a Tuesday and Wednesday, unfortunately, was not a holiday. I think Sandra had a wonderful birthday celebration!

Dancing while Ata Becky sings, "I'm so Excited"

I can’t decide if the highlight for me was Ata Joyce singing the throwback, “Never had a Dream Come True” by S Club 7 or a brownout in the middle of someone singing leaving us in the pitch, black dark for about 5 minutes or that NBA highlights played in the background on the videoke machine while singing.

Still searching for the perfect song during the brownout.

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