Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Little Things

Growing up in such a thriving, community-oriented, active, and energetic parish, it can be hard for me to attend other parishes' worship services without comparing them. My home parish set the bar pretty high. I know that I shouldn't compare and I should take each service as another unique way to worship God. But I still want a spiritual energy connecting me to His word, His people, and His love during a church service.

{Women taking communion at St. Mark's in their native dress}

I decided to switch it up this past Sunday. Instead of attending mass, as they say here, at the Cathedral on the compound, I attended St. Mark's in Batal less than a mile away in another community. They worship in a small, wooden, airy building. It is supposed to function as a warehouse during harvest time for rice, but it stands as their chapel. Unbeknownst to me, it was "Indigenous Sunday" led by the ECW. All the women showed up in their native dress, a woven skirt in their tribal pattern. All the songs were song in Ilocano or the Igorot native language. Actually, practically the whole service was spoken in Ilocano.

Even though I couldn't understand the spoken language, I've been to enough Episcopal Church services to know what was being said. There was no organ or any instrumental accompaniment to they hymns, but they were still powerfully sung. Prayers spoken in faithful passion. Hospitality shown through a strong welcome by all. I was finally burning with the spiritual energy I've been yearning for. I think I've found my parish for the year and cannot express my excitement!

{Me at St. Mark's sitting next to the nicest elder who didn't speak a word of English but we found a way to communicate}

{No more cold showers! I got an electric water heater installed}

{Last week, one of the clients tried to get this little guy to come home with me}

{Received the best surprise ever on Monday! A package from home!}

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  1. I was reading and viewing your profile and you are using the Tagalog language like me. it is good because you're enjoying your stay there. learn Ilokano dialect as you could it will help you while you are here in northern Philippines. perhaps next time that I will view your page, you are wearing a native Igorot skirt and other native attires. God bless you.