Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Things

There are some moments one can simply not capture on film. My tagline for life here has become "It's More Fun in the Philippines." That's the actual motto of the tourism bureau here but to me it has a deeper meaning.

{Perfection sometimes is popcorn, Gossip Girl and pineapple juice}

On Saturday afternoon as I walked outside with nothing but a trash bag in one hand and an apple in another, my door closed and I locked myself out. I never leave without my keys, well - they were left sitting on my desk/kitchen table. I went to my neighbor asking if anyone has an extra key by chance, the answer was no with a laugh. And my hope of getting in my room before the sun quickly set was deflated. She came with me to assess the situation.

Fortunately, it was a gorgeous day and I opened my windows for fresh air. The keys were sitting perfectly on the table about 8-9 feet away from the closest open window.

The plan - find a stick long enough to reach all the way across my apartment to my table and fish for the keys. After finding a very long, fallen bamboo stick (read: thick, heavy branch) and attaching some wire to the end, collecting some amused neighbors and dogs along the way, we stood on some plastic chairs, pushed the stick through the window and SUCCESS! We fished my keys off the table and through the open window with many laughs. Lesson learned. It's more fun in the Philippines.

{The view from the passenger of a tricycle}

{One afternoon I was craving a hamburger, so as a staff we ordered them for our afternoon snack}

{What my bathroom looks like while drying my laundry}

{Finally got the opportunity to make a delicious grilled chicken salad}

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