Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend!

This past week I've been assisting in the Christian Education Office. One of the tasks was to help teach at a few local church preschools. As many of you know, I'm not always one for children or teaching but this week gave me great joy, the ability to get out of an office environment and left me exhausted. Look for a post more about this next week!

Unfortunately, Typhoon Santi is hitting this weekend. I was supposed to help plant trees for a church project on Saturday morning but those plans have now been canceled. Looks like it may just be a rainy few days for me.

Also, I love the front of this journal in the picture, "live life to the full!" I believe all my fellow YASCers are doing just that.

Please Read On....

As Student Minister at the Cathedral in Grahamstown, Paul schedules young adult preachers for the Student Services. He's been sharing their sermons on his blog and this one is quite powerful, a must read!

While there are differences between American and Filipino cultures, Margaret is learning there is more that unites us than divides us.

Heidi finishes her first term at the Canon Andrea Mwaka School in a fun way and is headed off on a safari!

Julie is answering the questions we all want to know the answers to about her life in Haiti.

Will P. is taking full advantage of the saying, "you only live once" and couldn't imagine being anywhere else than Cuba.

Keri is trusting in her faith and realizing doubt isn't the opposite of it.

Alan is starting to teach English at a local vocational school in Haiti.

Rachel's new motto, "everyday is worth celebrating", and so she's sharing pictures of things worth celebrating during her time in Panama.

Becky shares gorgeous photos of where she's been living in Honduras for the past two months.

How are you living life to the fullest this weekend?

Thanks for reading!

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