Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekend Reading

Today, the Social Entrepreneurship Training went off without a hitch! It's such a relief for an event you've been planning for months to happen without any major issues. We have 36 participants who are eager to learn and use their new knowledge towards developing the cooperatives and churches they work with.

Now that the training is happening and almost done, I can get super excited and count down the days until Buck and Emily arrive! I've finalized the itinerary and it's going to be a whirlwind 10 days. I go down to Manila on Wednesday to pick them up from airport to bring them back up to see my place and meet my people in Santiago. I cannot wait to share a piece of my experience with someone from home.

Don't forget about the YASC Lenten blog to hear great perspectives from great people! There is even one from me this past week. And read below to hear about other adventures from YASCers.

ENS did another wonderful video about a YASC missionary. This time they featured Keri in South Africa.

Julie helped put together a midnight breakfast for the stressed FSIL students during exam time.

Alan recently travelled around Haiti to see, hear, experience and for once, not to do something. As he says, "people are blind to the context of their travel."

Rachel shares about her recent experience at Panama's 94th Diocesan Convention and Carnival.

Becky reflects on Ash Wednesday in Tela, Honduras.

Keri informs us more about HIV than we'd ever want to know.

While this was months ago, Will P. is taking a look back at a Cuban Christmas Pageant.

Thanks for reading!

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