Monday, March 17, 2014

Little Things

It's funny how you can stumble on something that brings back a rush of happy memories. Last week, I was shopping around a local grocery store or mart. This place's skinny aisles are packed with product and sometimes if you get lucky, you can stumble upon hidden gems imported from the USA. I happened to be wandering the aisles for nothing in particular when I saw it - Kirkland Chocolate Covered Raisins!

{The infamous chocolate covered raisins}

A sales clerk came over to help me weasel it out from it's hiding spot. I literally jumped for joy and started pointing at the 3lb jar saying, "these are delicious! delicious! naimas!" She just looked at me like the crazy American I am and walked away. While it was 812 pesos ($18), the feelings and memories those chocolate covered raisins sparked inside me made it totally worth it!

It's all about the little things.

{Yes, there are live fish in that blue tank}

{Teaching the kids how to make fortune tellers}

{Putting together gift bags for the little graduates}

{Group from the Social Enterprise Training this past weekend}

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