Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Puppy Love

It’s been about two and half months now since I received Zoe. It feels like I’ve had her this whole time. She’s grown so much, not only physically but also personality wise. It’s been quite entertaining to watch her come into her own. I feel quite fortunate to have her! She’s great company and a great friend!

I love…

How she’ll be waiting in front of the house at the end of the day but the minute she hears or sees me coming she sprints up to greet me.

How when I’m eating she’ll sit with her ears perked up, tongue handing out, tail slightly wagging, waiting for me to “drop” something.

How she rests her head on the side of the bed to say “good morning” every day.

How she doesn’t bark unless there is actually someone there or something wrong. When one dog on the compound starts barking all the others join in. It’s like that scene from 101 Dalmatians where they howl from one house to the next sending the message to Pongo. Zoe doesn’t participate, thankfully. At least I know when to be on alert versus a false alarm.

How she has certain spots around the house where she’ll curl up and just pass out sometimes with paws up in the air. 

How smart she is! I haven’t had to train her much, she just knows. She learned to stay on a certain part of the compound. She learned to go by the door when she wants to go out. She learned to stop peeing inside. She learned that when she gets muddy from the rice fields to stay out of arms reach or else she’ll get a bath (which she hates).

She’s the cutest and the best! I’m not saying that a dog is the easiest thing in the world. Zoe does make it easy, though. I’m saying I’m truly grateful to have this opportunity to have her in my life for however long that may be.

Thanks for reading!

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