Wednesday, March 12, 2014

School Pictures

Graduation is fast approaching for the Kinder 2 students of St. Mark's Learning Center I've been teaching once a week for the past few months. Unlike in the states, school runs from June to March with summer being half of March and all of April and May. Next Saturday, March 22 is their graduation from preschool to kindergarten, the big leagues! 

{The adorable Kinder 2 class I've been teaching}

As part of graduation, I wanted to get the kids a nice little gift. I've been taking photos of the classroom and at their Christmas Party and thought it'd be nice to get them printed. But afterwards, I realized I didn't have pictures of all the students. It wouldn't be fair if some got a photograph and others did not.

Yesterday, I went to the school for some classic school pictures. The results are hilarious! You can tell which ones are the Kinder 2 students because they're the most comfortable. Others were not so much. They didn't smile, look comfortable, look at the camera or get their picture taken at all. One kid burst out crying and stormed out the back door the minute I walked into the classroom. 

I hope you enjoy the photos below as much as I do.

And we got some class and teacher pictures.

{Nursery Group}

{Kinder 1 - unfortunately, 5 were absent}

{Teacher Joy and Teacher Venus}

 I'm really going to miss my Kinder 2 class! They're such a joy, sometimes a pain, but mostly hilarious. They're smart, work hard, and willing to learn. Yesterday as I was walking up to the school, some of the kids saw me coming down the road. They started running through the grass to come greet me, yelling, "Ma'am Ashley! Ma'am Ashley!" It was adorable! Then we all walked back up to the school together.

After the "official" school shots, we had some fun....

 Thanks for reading!

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