Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tree Planting

As part of a carbon monoxide reduction program, if one plants 2,000 trees than you get a grant towards parish hood development. When my manager, Patrick, heard about this he jumped on the idea. And now, the Foundation is setting out to plant 2,000 trees.

During the first tree planting activity, it was a horrid rainy Saturday this past Fall so I skipped out. But there was no missing out this time. It was all hands on deck.  Therefore, this past Saturday morning the staff of the Foundation headed out to its farm.

One of the programs of the Foundation is to promote organic farming and generate its own income. In order to promote organic farming, they’ve decided to demo their own farm to show farmers how easy and successful it is. And to generate its own income, it’s selling the organic rice. But with purchase of this 3.4 acres this past Fall, there is the possibility of having a piggery, chickens, and fruit trees which can all be sold. There already are two large fish ponds filled with tilapia in the middle of the property.

This past Friday, after Patrick, Junior, and I inspected a church’s property, we stopped by the Department of Agriculture nursery to pick up fruit trees to plant. The back of the Sportivo became a mini nursery packed with 79 saplings of guabano, rumbatan, mango, bugnay, and mahogany trees.

Fortunately when we arrived on Saturday morning, the hardest part of the planting was already completed. The farm’s caretaker dug all the holes earlier in the week. We only had to drop in some organic fertilizer, the sapling and fill the hole back up with dirt. Easy as pie! And with 15 of us we had 126 trees planted in a couple of hours.

{First tree planted of the day!}

{If you're afraid of the sun, hire your sister to carry an umbrella over you}

After planting, we relaxed enjoying the peace rural farm life provides. Then we ate lunch cooked by Julie and then it was time to head home. A very productive Saturday morning and with all the trees we kill at the office, it felt good to plant some more!

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