Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekend Reading

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It's not every day that work includes following a man through thick woods with a machete in hand hacking away the path as we went. I have a few battle scrapes on my feet to prove it! Honestly, I don't even know where this week went. I was falling asleep last night thinking, ok tomorrow is Wednesday so I need to.... no, tomorrow's Friday.

Read on for posts from other volunteers...

On top of starting the YASC Lenten blog, which I hope everyone is enjoying, YASCers are still posting about their recent happenings around the world!

Joseph shared about the 94th Convention for the Episcopal Diocese of Panama.

The half way mark has passed so it's now or never, Keri made a check list of things left to see/do in South Africa.

Heidi is learning the true meaning of flexibility as she changes positions at the school again.

While working with a short term mission group in Honduras, Becky saw the face of Jesus.

Charlotte updates us on what she's been doing during her first month in Japan.

Margaret reflects on how different stories of the same thing can change our perspective.

Thanks for reading!

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