Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend Reading

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On top of recovering from my quick trip to Baguio and the frenzy of Diocesan Convention, I got sick this week. Like on-the-flat-of my-back-in-bed-sleeping-for-18-hours-of-the-day sick. No. Fun. But I've recovered and am on the upswing. I'm ready to have an easy, relaxing weekend to recover all my strength for another work week ahead.

Also, this past week marked 6 months! Crazy. Who can believe it's March?!

Paul represents YASC in his guest sermon for ENS reflecting on the Transfiguration of Jesus and the Mission of the Episcopal Church.

Alan's parents guest blog about their experience visiting Alan in Cange, Haiti.

Becky posts her last FAQ answering the deep, probing questions.

Julie reflects on how yes, we can focus on the tragedies but we can also learn to celebrate life.

Carlin shares the graduation of the seminarians she's been living with in South Korea.

Claire writes a dear open letter to a friend which I believe embodies how all of us are feeling during this experience.

Keri teaches us some of the language and sayings she's surrounded by in South Africa.

Margaret's post about my whirlwind visit to Baguio.

Heidi's school organized a Family Fun Day to raise money for a new computer system.

Sean shares a photo journal of the laying of a new church and a bible camp.

Thanks for reading!

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