Thursday, February 27, 2014

Little Things

After my whirlwind trip to Baguio, I had to come back to help finalize preparations and reports for the Annual Diocesan Convention, which started Tuesday, February 25. The worst thing during a busy, stressful time is to get sick but that's what happened. I got an awful cold/headache thing on Monday after arriving from Baguio. I think the quick turn around, two night bus trips, and stress were too much on my body. But after some rest on Monday, I was ready to tackle convention.

{Lining up for the procession to the Cathedral}

Here are some pictures of the happenings so far. Convention starts with a procession from the back of the compound into the Cathedral. Also, what do you think of our new staff uniforms? I opted for a dress, which I designed with the tailor, instead of the blouse, blazer, and pant option. My dress will keep me cool during the hot summer months ahead!

{Sporting new staff uniforms}

{Processing into the Cathedral}

{Opening service}

{EDS Clergy and Staff for a group photo}

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