Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little Things

I had a nice little surprise this past Sunday afternoon. Two of my co-worker's children, Roxanne (11) and Sikh Fi (5), stopped by my new place. We enjoyed some coloring and then Sikh Fi demanded asked to watch a movie. The only kid-friendly movie I have is Harry Potter. I figured even if it was in English there is enough magic in the first movie they don't really need to understand what's going on. I popped some popcorn in the microwave which they were astounded by, got a couple cans of coke, and we were ready for an afternoon flick. Of course, after an hour Sikh Fi was over it but I was proud he stuck it out for 1/3 of the movie!

{Sikh Fi and Roxanne having fun taking selfies}

{Attempting to smoke my mango tree}

{Episcopal Church of the Philippines and Iglesia Filipina Independiente celebrated the anniversary of their concordat or full communion}

{I went out to help document SRI monitoring for the Development Office}

{Best way to unwind after work - Harry Potter & Tostitos Chips and Salsa}

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