Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Morning's Glory

Living on this side of the compound has its perks! There is a baker who rides around on a motorcycle every morning honking a classic old bike horn announcing he's selling his freshly baked pandesal. Pandesal is basically a yeast roll but sold still fresh and warm. He comes between 6 and 6:30am. If my alarm hasn't gotten me out of bed yet, his horn sure does. I grab my sweater, slip on my flip flops, snatch my 5 peso coin, to get my new morning treat of 3 pieces of pandesal.

This particular morning I noticed the sun was coming up beautifully behind the trees. I've been wanting to capture the sunset for a long time but I've either not gotten up early enough or it's cloudy. Today it was perfect - morning's glory at its finest!

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