Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend!

Everyone warned that February was going to be crazy busy filled with Diocesan Convention, assemblies, board meetings, and many other events. Well they weren't joking and we only finished week one! And it's not done yet. Tomorrow, yes, Saturday, the Foundation staff is meeting to review 2013 and prepare our presentation for convention.

But the exciting news is I finally got the keys to my new place! I'm officially moving in on Sunday! Stay tuned for a blog post this week all about it. To give a quick preview though, I moved from that one room in the guest house where my bathroom doubled as a kitchen to a two bedroom, one bath duplex with a real kitchen!

On another note, a year ago today I was at discernment weekend deciding whether YASC was the faithful next step for me. I've never regretted my decision. That one weekend set me on a course of changing my life and beginning new adventures!

And these people were all there with me choosing to begin new adventures and experience amazing cultures, traditions, food, people, etc. 

Alan explains a Vodou belief to break the Hollywood stereotype of the religion.

Keri expanded the opportunity for her home parish in VA to worship with her patients in South Africa!

Heidi marks her six months and details her first week back to teaching.

In honor of celebrating her six month mark, Becky lists 35 things she's experienced for the first time since going to Honduras.

Rachel gives a shout out to her Principal and explains a new method for teaching foreign languages.

Joseph shares his month of assisting with community service activities with his students.

Sean depicts the simplicity surrounding him.

Julie gives photo story of a day in her life in Haiti.

Sara shares her experience celebrating the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong!

Paul M. Spellings deeply reflects on the saying, "when one door closes, another one opens."

Thanks for reading!

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