Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekend Reading

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Happy Friday!

Today I'm in Baguio with Margaret! I travelled on the night bus from Santiago last night leaving at 8am and arriving at 4am. Quite a trip but you miss the traffic and can simply sleep the whole time. Now, I have the whole day in Baguio. I'm guest lecturing two of Margaret's classes on development work of the church.

I'm excited to see Margaret in action and see her YASC service firsthand! Read more about other YASC volunteers' service below:

Another wonderful video posted by ENS about YASC volunteers this one focuses on Katie's work in the Provincial Archives in Hong Kong.

Sara is raising awareness about the violence perpetrated against women not only in Hong Kong but throughout the world.

Hannah has a very exciting announcement!

Charlotte finally made it to Japan and then got snowed in!

Keri marks her six months by sharing six things that South Africa has taught her so far.

Katie shares her Chinese New Year experience in Hong Kong.

Will B. reflects on the importance of faith to seafarers.

Heidi explains some of the similarities between her life in Wyoming and life in Tanzania.

Julie spells out how some things work in Haiti such as cell phones and electricity.

Paul M. Spellings reflects on where traditional church mission trips stand in the world of charity.

Thanks for reading!

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