Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Little Things

It's only Wednesday and I'm already exhausted. Monday initiated the craziness of February with the Brotherhood of St. Andrew's (BSA) District Assembly. I consider it the men's version of the ECW for the church. Andrew and his new partner in crime at the farm, Nayoden, came down from Tadian to present not only to the Brotherhood of St. Andrew's but also the Clericus, which immediately followed the BSA. So there has been about an additional 50 people on the compound this week.

In addition, visitors, Sean McConnell and Sara Delaney from Episcopal Relief & Development, are visiting today and tomorrow. Talk about a packed schedule but a lot of free, delicious dinners!

{Engineer Rebecca putting final touches on my new place}

{All ready for my first language lesson with my tutor and he didn't show}

{Sunday afternoon spent writing postcards}

{Brotherhood of St. Andrew's welcome banner hanging out front of the compound}

{Andrew Joyce, fellow YASCer, presenting about the organic farming products Tadian Farm is producing and selling}

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