Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend!

I hope everyone back home in Virginia is staying warm in the snow! I'm not jealous. Actually, I was complaining alongside all the Filipinos about how hot and humid it was today! After a quick trip to Manila to accompany a visitor from ERD, I'm ready to do some weekend reading and relax. Also, only five days of work until it is Christmas break! Crazy! Can't believe the New Year is right around the corner.

There aren't many this week but they're still wonderful blog posts from other YASCers!

Nina's almost done with her first year and reflects on how she's encountering spirituality.

During this Holiday Season, family is quite important. Claire shares how she has created family through community.

Becky uploaded a couple of videos from recent Christmas activities in Tela, Honduras. 

Will P. shares what kind of work he's been doing in Cuba. 

Rachel reflects on the importance of encouraging one another. 

Thanks for reading!

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