Saturday, December 28, 2013

Little Things

Christmas this year resulted in a lot less hustle and bustle than previous years. No last minute errands or gift shopping. No rushing to wrap presents. No moving from one party to another. I showed up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day church services. I only needed to be present with friends and community. The focus was on celebrating together. I enjoyed the change of pace.

A slower pace allows you to take a moment and look around you. Soak up the little things.

{Staff Holiday Lunch at Sir Patrick's house}

{This is what trying to get a group shot of children at a Christmas Party looks like.}

{#ShamelessSelfie with my co-worker's son}

{When there are no glasses to be found, use the next best thing.}

{Wine and muchies on Christmas Day}

Check back later this week for more about my Christmas festivities!

Thanks for reading!

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