Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Beauty of the Philippines

On Wednesday, Sara Delaney of ERD (Episcopal Relief and Development) came up to Santiago City to check out the Processing Center here. Then on Thursday, yesterday, she was headed back to Manila with a pitstop at a community which was greatly affected by Typhoon Santi (more on that next week). I accompanied her on the long over 12 hour day. Then this morning it was back to Santiago City, another 9 hour trip! Hence the lack of a blog post, yesterday.

Many people told me how beautiful the Philippines are before coming here. They weren't exaggerating. I never cease to be inspired and awestruck by the beauty that constantly surrounds me. I think it was showing off for Sara, yesterday. We were graced with the presence of multiple, brilliant rainbows during our drive and then a stunning sunset at the community.

These photos don't do it justice but I hope they inspire you or simply brighten your day!

Thanks for reading!

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