Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Little Things

The post office is my new favorite place! I mentioned it last week but today was the best trip, yet. Not only did I receive a package from my Best Friend and my Aunt, but my Mom sent a padded envelope stuffed with cards, drawings, and well wishes from the St. James' Community!

I can't even put into words how much it filled my heart and overwhelmed me with love. This community has supported me throughout my entire spiritual journey starting at the age of 7. I couldn't imagine my life without them. Thanks for the love and support, St. James'!

In addition, this week is filled with last minute tasks before the office closes for two weeks and preschool Christmas parties which have been chaotic but hilarious. On Friday, the diocesan staff has its gift exchange and Christmas party. I cannot wait for fellowship, games, and karaoke!

{A cobra found by my building! They killed it and made a stew but I couldn't bring myself to eat it}

{A friend surprised me with doughnuts one morning}

{Unwinding after work with a movie, Pitch Perfect, kettle korn, and hot cocoa}

{Bought myself an early Christmas present - a microwave!}

{So much love and support from friends, family, and St. James' community!}

Thanks for reading!

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