Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Little Things

In my mind I know it’s December. Two Sundays of Advent have passed. Christmas decorations are out and I’m on the hunt for great gifts. However, it’s still strange for me to realize it is the Holiday Season. While it has gotten cooler, I’m still sweating every other day and blasting my A/C.

Christmas for me is baking in the kitchen, sipping hot cocoa underneath cozy blankets and snuggling up by a warm fire. I hate the cold but for me that is the Holiday Season.

One thing that’s helped me cope about not being around close family during this time of year is the love I’ve been receiving from home! I’ve been making quite a few trips to the Post Office recently. It’s gotten to the point where Michelle who handles the packages knows my name and got my cell number so she can text me when I get mail!

Not only is it wonderful to hear from my parents and other family members, but also a recent package was full of Christmas cards from family friends from Church and former co-workers. It’s incredible that I can receive their love halfway across the world. I almost cried when flooded with such love and support while reading the notes! I now have them hanging on my wall as a constant reminder.

{My new weekly stop}

{Postcards and Cards from this year so far}

{Switched out Fall leaves and gourds for sparkly ornaments}

{Crafting on Friday night courtesy of Mrs. Brannock}

{Christmas Wreath hanging on the back of my door}

Thanks for love, support and continually reading, everyone! 

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