Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BE in the Philippines - Preschool Graduation

When I asked about the time of St. Mark’s Graduation on Saturday, March 22, I received a “it starts at 8:30am, but come at 9am.”

“So does that mean it starts at 9am.”

“No, it starts at 8:30am, but come at 9am.”

Oh, the beauty of Filipino time. Well, we got there a little after 8:30am and it didn’t even start at 9am. But no worries, Buck loves being the ultimate jungle gym, while I became a model. I thought my smile was going to permanently plastered onto my face after how many pictures.

Nevertheless, I was super excited to see these little Kinder 2 kids graduate. They all looked so adorable in their white caps and gowns! For the two weeks prior, I’d been helping them prepare their little song and presentations for their parents. It’s strange to think I won’t see most of them ever again because in June they’ll be attending public elementary school.

This graduation was not taken lightly. The program included a processional march, invocation, national anthem, opening remarks, welcome address, intermission, presentation of candidates for graduation, confirmation of graduates, inspirational talk, distribution of certificates and awards, graduation message, farewell message, and closing remarks. Phew! That doesn’t even include the graduation song and presentations by the different classes!

{Lining up for the Processional March}

{Mariolyn giving the Welcome Address}

{Kinder 2 students sharing a graduation acronym}

{Kinder 1 students performing a little song and dance}

As a special guest and teacher’s assistant, I had the special honor of passing out the graduation certificates. But not before I was pulled this way and that way, told to stand here, wait, no, there as Buck whispered “don’t mess it up.” Finally, it was decided where I would stand and how I’d pass out the certificates.

That wasn’t even the most stressful part. The distribution of the academic and non-academic awards was a work out with me. The kids name would be called, first they’d get their little ribbons for awards, while I would grab a gift bag I put together for all the kids, and search through the stack of pictures to find the correct one. Then I’d sprint back over, put a little medal around their neck, pass them their gift and pictures, then turn to take a quick picture. Then it was back to the table to find the next kid’s picture and gift. I did this 42 times. With the Kinder 2 graduates, it was easy because I knew all their names. Fortunately, I only gave one kid the wrong picture (whoops!).

{The distribution of certificates was the easy part}

{Me attempting to juggle medals, gift bags, and pictures.}

{Buck even got to shake the graduates' hands!}

Who knew graduations could be so exhausting?

I have to say, though, my favorite part was the non-academic awards which included ‘most charitable,’ ‘most honest,’ ‘most neat,’ ‘most behaved,’ and ‘most diligent.’ After more picture taking once the ceremony was complete, we went over to the Rectory for lunch before heading onto Banaue and Bontoc.

{"Wacky, wacky" with the Kinder 2 students} 

{Group shot with the Nursery students}

{Group Shot with the Kinder 1 students}

 {Group shot with the Kinder 2 graduates!}

The road trip continues!

Thanks for reading!

Photos by Emily Cherry

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