Monday, April 28, 2014

Little Things

Last week I attended a baptism, a wedding, and a funeral. Now that's celebrating the true circle of life.

{Funeral of Fr. William Codpayas celebrated by Bp. Wandag}

The funeral on Tuesday morning celebrated the life and death of Fr. William Codpayas. He was the priest of the church, St. Mark's, whose preschool where I've been assisting. Only a month ago was he diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, it progressed quickly and on Good Friday he was gone. The church was packed for the funeral and attended by at least 25 clergy representing four dioceses. The service was beautiful and I'm glad I had the opportunity to attend.

{I swear I'm not a giant! Padi Auhra is just super petite.}

The baptism on Tuesday was for four-month-old Generosa, daughter of Padi Auhra and Deacon Hilbert. She's the cutest and has the most beautiful, sweetest priest as a mother!

{Noemi and I at lunch in Banaue on Saturday}

Then on Thursday I headed to Bontoc with my manager, Patrick, his daughter, Noemi, and a few other co-workers, Grace, Maritess, and Carolyn. Bishop Brent of EDNP's oldest son, Challikes, got married on Friday morning. It was a fabulous, quick, three-day trip where I caught up with people I hadn't seen in months. Even Andrew, fellow YASCer, was a member of the wedding party! We also stopped at two glorious lunch spots in Banaue on Thursday and Saturday!

{Can you spot Andrew? He's the only white guy. And the tallest.}

I can't believe the month of April is almost over! My travels are almost over. Can't wait for June where things will greatly slow down!

{The mango tree in front of my house is finally bearing fruit!}

Thanks for reading!

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