Monday, June 23, 2014

Little Things

I've been to just about every diocese within the Episcopal Church in the Philippines. There were just two left to check off. The first was the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Luzon which neighbors EDS. I had no excuse not to take the two hour trip to visit with Bishop Abibico, who was recently elected the next Prime Bishop of ECP.

{St. Thomas' Parish, Tabuk where we attended mass}

On Sunday, June 8, Sir Junior, Carolyn, Jocelyn and I attended mass at St. Thomas' Parish in Tabuk, where the diocesan headquarters are located. St. Thomas' isn't the cathedral of the diocese but the largest parish. It was refreshing to attend a fully packed service with a choir! Afterwards, we headed over to see the cathedral, about thirty minutes away. We ran into the ladies of ECW and Bishop's wife. They had us visit their store which included a guyabano wine toast. They were hilarious!

To continue the afternoon, we had lunch with Bishop and a few priests of the diocese. Then headed over to where all of Jocelyn's extended family lives and her family home. It was a little bit chaotic but great to meet Jocelyn's mom and neighbors!

Nothing major happened, but it was a wonderful Sunday filled with many little moments.

{A Sunday morning toast of guyabano wine with the ECW ladies of the Cathedral and Bishop's wife} 

{Fell in love with these tattoos representing culture, beauty and rich tradition}

{Visited where Jocelyn grew up and her extended family}

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