Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Little Things

During the first week of June, St. Mark's and the Diocese of Santiago welcomed nine members of the SE Asian Anglican Communion who are here in the Philippines for six weeks of intensive Church and Community Development Leadership training. St. Mark's felt honored to host them for only a couple of days. They trained them on cooperative financial management, bookkeeping, and governance and management. In addition, the trainees, who are mostly from Myanmar and one from Papua New Guinea, visited an SRI field and the Processing Center.

{The group at dinner on the first night/}

On the first night we took them out for dinner at a local restaurant. Then on their final night here we showed them how Filipinos do karaoke! Also, we surprised Andrew Joyce, who's overseeing and facilitating the trainings, with a birthday cake as his birthday was June 11. As a parting gift, we gave a custom polo shirt with a patch of the Foundation's logo.

{We even got one of the Myanmar visitors to sing!}

{Me presenting the polo shirts.}

{Happy Birthday to Andrew!}

{Sandra with three of the Myanmar Visitors}

Those are some of the little moments from our short visit with other members of the Anglican Communion!

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