Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rained Out

On Sunday, Margaret, Andrew and I joined Floyd, the Provincial Secretary, and his family for breakfast before church. We then attended the 9am service at the National Cathedral, which was a typical Episcopal Service. They even sang similar hymns.

Andrew walking with Floyd's son, Norlan
The bulletin

The top of the cathedral

Inside the Cathedral
After coffee hour, we got into the van with Floyd’s family – his wife, son, and daughter – to drive up to Taal Volcano. The plan was to eat lunch at a restaurant overlooking the volcano, which is still active and then possibly hike around part of it. Margaret who’s dad is a geologist was extremely excited and I who love to explore was anticipating on some beautiful sights of Filipino countryside and taking amazing pictures.

To give you an idea, here is a map of where we went.
Our cloudy view of the volcano

Part of our lunch spread
After a three hour car ride up there which I was told was going to be an hour and trying to find a restaurant to eat at – they were all full or had long waits because it was a three day weekend – we found a typical Filipino restaurant. The food and company was wonderful. However, fog and clouds rolled in and blocked the view of the volcano. It was a dreary, chilly day. As we finished lunch, the rain came and it poured the whole two hours back to Manila.

And so my first adventure in the Philippines was rained out. However, it wasn’t a complete wash. I was able to try more Filipino food and learn more about Filipino culture by talking with Floyd and Marcy, his wife. As Marcy said, I’ll have to try again in the summer when it doesn’t rain.

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  1. Awesome, Ashley! So glad that you are there! :D Adventures for sure! So excited for you -- much love from Brazil!

    1. Thanks Nina! I'm so happy to finally be here :D Can't wait to continue to follow your adventures as well!