Friday, August 30, 2013

New Home

Here is a tour of my new living space and home for a year! It is the perfect little studio. It is located on the compound and only about 200 yards away from the office. The staff stocked up the place with pots, pans, mugs, glasses, plates and basics of a kitchen. They newly renovated the bathroom or as Filipinos say, “CR” for comfort room. My comfort room actually doubles as cooking area with a hot plate, toaster, and rice cooker, which I’m sad to say I don’t know how to use. Everyone looked at me with confusion when I said I’ve never used a rice cooker before as rice is a staple with every meal.

The place even feels homey with fresh flowers, a welcome banner on the wall, and frames from home. It’s better than I could have imagined and it will work out splendidly for the year! Also, I cannot wait to get to know my neighbors better who are members of the staff. I told them I love to cook and someone suggested we will have to have cooking parties where they teach me how to make traditional Filipino foods!

View of my little bedroom from standing by the fridge in the corner.

Here is the photo tour:

View of the living room from the corner by the fridge.  
View from the front door of the whole place. 
View of my long but narrow bathroom that doubles as my cooking area. 
Homey touches of flowers and frames.
My welcome banner hanging on my wall. Notice the background is Lilly Pulitzer which they pulled from my Facebook cover photo!

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