Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday!

As I mentioned in my last Weekend Reading post, I'm in Manila picking up my cousin, Lindsay! We will be heading to the island of Palawan for one week. I'm taking a true vacation and becoming a beach bum. But we'll also be doing some island hopping and snorkeling. I can't wait to share our adventures!

I'm still trying to catch up on my lack of Weekend Reading posts. The YASCers are doing many great things - too many to share all at once!

Will P. gives us a walking tour of Havana, Cuba.

Becky writes beautifully about "10 Things Everyone Everywhere Would Understand."

Will B. announces he'll be volunteering for another year with YASC by moving from Hong Kong to Rome!

Keri explains the exotic foods of South Africa.

Joseph gives an update on recent happenings in Panama.

Julie celebrated her birthday in Haiti!

Margaret gives a deeper explanation of the JCPC meeting we attended.

Sean shares another photo update from his life in Japan.

Rachel updates us on recent visitors and her Holy Week in Panama.

Heidi shares her school's annual Easter Production.

Thanks for reading!

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