Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free Day in the City

On Saturday, June 22nd we were given a day off from training and let loose into the city. I've been to NYC three other times in the past. They've always been quick trips and I never get to see everything, of course, because there is so much to see. It was nice to check a couple more items off my list.

Hello, New York City!
Rachel and I started off by standing in line for rush tickets to a broadway with Heidi, Becky, and Emily who wanted to see something that afternoon. Unfortunately, after waiting 45 minutes we learned all the tickets had been scooped up. We went to the next best thing, Ellen's Stardust Diner! It is famous for it's incredibly talented, starving actor wait staff who perform throughout the diner as you eat. They sing broadway hits to Disney classics to current radio hits. It was incredibly fun to sing along and hear these amazing stars.

Chrysler Building
The Streets of NY.
Emily & Becky are extremely happy to be in Times Square!
Rachel, Emily, Me and Becky waiting in line for tickets.
Ellen's Stardust Diner!
Waiter performing at Ellen's Stardust Diner.
Me in Times Square.

Afterwards, we conquered the NYC subway system to head down to the Lower West Side and Chelsea area to explore the High Line. The High Line is an aerial park that spans for one mile on top of an abandoned, elevated New York Central Railroad. It's a beautiful park full of street performers, tanners sprawled out on benches, and a section for local food vendors. We got a far off view of the Statue of Liberty as well as the Empire State Building. It was fun to just explore and walk around as if we lived in the city and this was a regular Saturday afternoon activity.

Can you see the Empire State Building?
Rachel & I on the High Line.
Walking along the High Line

Me, Rachel & Emily at the High Line
Becky & I. That's suppose to be the Statue of Liberty
behind us.

From there we went to the famous Magnolia's bakery, known for their scrumptious cupcakes! Across the street was a shady park with a piano man. We sat down to give our feet a rest and enjoy jazzy tunes. Then the piano man asked, "are there any good singers in the audience?" We all yelled, "Yes, Becky is!" That led to Emily and Becky's breakout, street performance of "Let it Be"!

Magnolia Bakery cupcake!
Relaxing in the park.
Becky & Emily singing "Let It Be" with the piano man!

Next stop was the Guilty Goose, a bar where Becky's old, childhood friend is a bartender. We sipped on some cold beers and met up with more YASCers. And finally, the whole group met back up for a late dinner before our long bus ride back to Stony Point.

Dinner all together! 

I'm glad I didn't try to pack in as many touristy things to do in one day. I enjoyed simply hanging out with everyone and slowly exploring different venues the city has to offer. All in all, a wonderful day!

Goodbye, NYC!

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